No. 53 October 2007 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 53

  1. Creative Journey

    Fan Ho, the creator of such film classics as Girl with Long Hair (1975) and Taipei My Love (1982), is also an accomplished still photographer with an extraordinary eye for atmosphere and composition. We feature a sampling of his work from 1950s and 1960s Hong Kong.

  2. Art & Technology

    The idea of passion does scant justice to Wayne Martin Belger’s photography and his fantastic, idiomorphic pinhole cameras, each of which he creates and uses to photograph specific themes and subject matter. His approach to art and the craft of camera manufacture is both visionary and obsessive. We show five of his camera creations and images he has made with them.

  3. Edward Sturr

    Influenced by his teachers at Chicago’s Institute of Design, Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind among them, he went on to spend the 1960s exploring the streets of his hometown. We feature a handful of his images from this period, all reflecting his strong, cubist-inspired sense of composition.

  4. Alan Cohen

    Over the past two decades he has traveled the world documenting through his camera physical sites anchored to events that have come to symbolize our sinuous 20th-century world of political, ideological and religious conflict.

  5. William Lesch

    After spending a summer interning with Frederick Sommer in Prescott, Arizona, he made the decision to focus his creative energy on the desert—a world “where death is on display everywhere one looks.”

  6. Richard Boutwell

    He’s a young man on a fast track—he left his job delivering pizza to became an assistant to Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee, then moved on to build his own portfolio of work, photographing in California’s Owens Valley.

  7. David Johnson

    At age 20, in 1946, he became Ansel Adams’ first African American student at the California School of Fine Art. Adams counseled him to “photograph what you know best.” He did just that, devoting himself to chronicling the vibrant world of African American life in San Francisco’s Fillmore District.

  8. Christophe Agou

    Born in France, he came to New York City in 1992, and soon made its subway his muse. “There was a certain truth below ground. I felt I was in the heart of the city, in a place where people had dropped their masks.”

  9. Mitchell Kanashkevich

    This Sydney, Australia–based photo-grapher looks for deeper truth behind the exotic faces of the South-east Asian tribal men and women he seeks out as subjects.

  10. Gale Nobes

    Give him a blustery, turbulent, storm swept day, and he is in his element. Born and raised on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, he heads outdoors when most sensible people seek shelter.

  11. Robert Schneider

    He has a fascination with water and the way the camera can make us see what the human eye cannot. “Depending on shutter speed, water can look as brittle as ice or as flowing as smoke.”

  12. Ioan-Dory Vladoiu

    This Rumanian-born photographer creates classically beautiful images of nudes through use of lighting and movement.