No. 50 April 2007 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 50

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  1. Looking Glass

    In 1973, when David Phillips attend-ed a picture agency estate sale, he could hardly believe his eyes (and his luck)—he had stumbled on a treasure chest. We offer an exclusive look at long-forgotten work by photographer Francis Burke, depicting immigrant life in turn-of-the-century Chicago. Dean Brierly talks with Phillips about his find and his passion.

  2. Ismo Höltto

    He is virtually unknown outside Finland, but in his homeland he is regarded as one of this nation’s most accomplished photographic artists. We are pleased to bring to the attention of the rest of the world this unique work, which has been compared to that of German photographer August Sander and American Michael Disfarmer.

  3. David R. Phillips

    While working as a commercial photographer in the 1950s and 1960s, he also did personal work (two of his images were singled out for awards by Edward Steichen). We feature a series of photographs made on the streets of New York in 1957.

  4. Jerry Wolfe

    He looks for mystery and beauty in the natural world, and considers photography, including darkroom work, a form of spiritual practice.

  5. Michael Richard

    The most salient fact about him wasn’t that he was a legally blind photographer, but that he was a damn good photographer. Sadly, he died of cancer while we worked with him on this feature.

  6. Bob Buchanan

    As a cop in New York, he often dealt with the downside of life. Now retired, he uses his camera to escape that world, shooting creative setups of toys—his from his own childhood and those lent by friends. These images bring back the child in us all.

  7. Peter Adams

    In the course of the past 25 years this Australia-based photo-grapher has made portraits of 500 famous photographers in locations around the world. Regrettably, we only have space to show six of them.

  8. Elena Ehrenwald

    Her photographs open views into a private world where dreams, memories and fantasies appear like postcards sent from the unconscious.

  9. Todd Fox

    Taking breaks from his work as a commercial photographer in Indianapolis, he travels the world in search of places where he can capture a way of life in danger of disappearing.

  10. Thom Halls

    Ask him to describe a perfect day and he’ll tell you it’s when he can take off—his cameras loaded and his truck’s gas tank filled to the brim—and discover what lies beyond the next hill. He looks for simple portraits of rural life that he can capture near his hometown of Sanger in the great valley of California. For him, it’s a big visual treasure hunt.

  11. Marcia Martin

    After a 30-year hiatus, an award in our Portfolio Contest inspired her to pick up the camera again. We feature her closeups of floating leaves.