No. 49 March 2007 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 49

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  1. Regional Focus

    The historic reputation of Prague as one of Europe’s most dynamic cultural centers includes the art of photography. Richard Pitnick recently visited the Czech capital, where he met with leading figures of the photography community and selected six of its members to represent the present-day state of the art.

  2. Manuel Carrillo

    Little known in the U.S.—the only exposure previous to his 2006 exhibition in Santa Fe was in 1960 in Chicago—he has been called the “Ansel Adams of Mexico.” With Adams focusing on the beauty of nature and Carrillo on the human condition, the similarity between the two is to be found in their uncompromising attention to pictorial design.

  3. Stanko Abadzic

    The “old-fashioned“ look of the photographs of this native of Croatia stems from his wistful regard for a time when people communicated with each other spiritually and emotionally rather than electronically.

  4. Kryzysztof Pruszkowski

    When asked to describe his work, this native of Poland replies provocatively: “I take photos of things that have never existed, do not exist, will never exist.”

  5. “Cisco” Dietz

    Born in Hollywood, and a graduate of the UCLA film school, he moved to San Christóbal, Mexico, 12 years ago. There he makes remarkable, award-winning portraits of the Maya of Chiapas, one of Latin America’s most enduring native cultures.

  6. Ron Church

    A pioneer in underwater photography, his pictures of the 1960’s surfing scenes in California and Hawaii have emerged as the most highly-esteemed visual record of those early days of the sport.

  7. Daniele Faccio

    This Italian combined his passion for photography and mountaineering to create extraordinary pictures of alpine landscapes. We feature his work from the mountain ranges north of Lake Como.

  8. Wayne Norton

    He uses objects found during his ramblings through the deserts of the Southwest to construct bold, highly-stylized compositions in his studio.

  9. Peter Pusztai

    A primitive Agfa Cadet given to him by a tourist spawned the passion for photography in this native of Romania. After a detour to Switzerland, he now lives and works in Canada.

  10. Cynthia Roelle

    An attorney by vocation, a photo-grapher by avocation, she served one year in Iraq as a military lawyer in the JAG Corps with a rank of captain, and spent her spare time documenting the destruction she saw around her. From a series of powerfully haunting images we have chosen four taken in one of Sadam Hussein’s palaces.

  11. Alvis Upitis

    His motion studies straddle the border between abstraction and documentation, daring the viewer to make a positive identification.