No. 43 June 2006 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 43

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  1. Regional Focus

    In our ongoing series focusing on photographic institutions in the United States and around the world, the turn has come to Fototeca Nacional, the national photography archive of Mexico, located just one hour’s journey northeast of Mexico City. Richard Pitnick pays a visit.

  2. Lillian Bassman

    A painter as much as a photographer, she delighted the fashion world of the 1950s and 1960s with her stunning artistry. Now, three decades later—accessing the painter within—she reworks her most famous images.

  3. Bradford Smith

    His was a long journey—from a dairy farm in upstate New York to the 1950s cutthroat world of commercial and editorial photogra-phy in Manhattan. We show examples of his vintage images.

  4. Ray Bidegain

    This Oregon photographer gave up commercial work in order to pursue his own vision. “I was always much more interested in expressing passion than just purely technique.”

  5. Michele Kellner

    In her new work, where she trains her camera on storefront windows, she leads the viewer on a multidimensional trip through the reflection of the glass to the scene behind the window and back out—visual cryptograms.

  6. Elisabeth Delgadillo-Merfeld

    In her series of darkly fascinating self-portraits, she combines elements of performance art, collage, and antiquarian photography to examine her own identity.

  7. Thomas Michael Alleman

    Mixing humor and pathos, his series Sunshine and Noir takes a wryly skewed look at the urban landscapes of Los Angeles and New York City.

  8. Brendan Esposito

    We were strongly affected by the powerful photographs submitted by this Sydney-based photojournalist, whose essay captures the unsettling world of glue sniffing among a group of street kids in Cambodia.

  9. Antonio Gesmundo

    His floral still lifes—portraits, as he likes to think of them—are getting well-deserved attention in Italy, where this Hokusai/ Blossfeld-inspired photographer lives and works.

  10. Mark Kawell

    His poetic landscapes perfectly capture the theme “solitude of place,” a term he uses to express the apparent timelessness of nature and the brevity of man.

  11. Monique Stauder

    This New York City-based freelance photojournalist travels the world documenting “the crazy ebb and flow of humanity around the equator“ in a project she calls Chasing the Sun.