No. 39 October 2005 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 39

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  1. Focus: Buenos Aires

    With an identity formed by European influences, Buenos Aires reflects a culture that is neither wholly European nor wholly Latin American. This contrast, coupled with the tragedies of the “Dirty War,“ has created a unique photographic tradition. Richard Pit-nick reports from his trip to the Argentinean capital.

  2. William Carter

    Acknowledging a desire to work within the grand tradition of the nude as expressed both in photography and fine art, he brings the eye of an artist and the sensitivity of a poet as he sculpts light and shadow to reveal the undulating topographies and harmonies of the human form.

  3. Larry Fink

    His unique brand of social commentary was formed while he as a young man hitchhiked across America reading Marx and Kerouac and photographing all he saw—his first photoessay was on beatniks. He went on to produce a number of books, among them Social Graces and Runway. On the occasion of an exhibition at the Stephen Cohen Gallery, we show a series of photo-graphs he shot for Vanity Fair at Oscar parties.

  4. Mark Davey

    A Welshman with a penchant for mystery, he and his camera explore eerie canals and dark alleys in Venice and Prague.

  5. Robert Taylor

    A soldier in Vietnam, he sought relief by photographing the jungle. Back home, he turned to the beauty of his childhood hills.

  6. Jennifer Drucker

    Tiring of commercial work she turned to fine art photography, finding ultimate satisfaction in expressing her visions in platinum.

  7. Adam Gerlach

    He uses traditional darkroom methods and advanced digital technology to create his haunting nightscapes.

  8. Karen Tweedy-Holmes

    An environmental activist, she uses animal portraits to communicate concern for wildlife welfare.

  9. Gerald Pisarzowski

    This hardy Canadian exemplifies the classic wilderness photo-grapher, not afraid to hike for days and plunge into ice-cold rivers to capture the images he is looking for.

  10. Nana Sousa Dias

    Forever fascinated by the dramatic ocean and coast of his native Portugal, he revels in the timeless nature of a place where sky and water collaborate to act like mirrors reflecting eternity.

  11. Marilyn Szabo

    Her photographic output has many facets—images from her travels, old work rearranged into new, and the constantly evolving products of her fertile visual mind.