No. 33 October 2004 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 33

  1. The Big Picture

    In our occasional series, Regional Focus on Photography, senior contributing editor Richard Pitnick visits Philadelphia, and finds the birthplace of American independence to be home to a historically vital and creatively active photographic community. Featured photographers include Ron Tarver, Ray Metzker, Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, Rita Bernstein, Sandra Davis, and Harvey Finkle.

  2. Andre de Dienes

    We’re pleased to show yet another photographer who missed out on proper recognition in his lifetime. He did become famous, for having photographed Marilyn Monroe as early as 1945, but he had achieved so much more. Our 14-page layout illustrates the full range of his work.

  3. David Ashcraft

    Inspired by the words and work of Wynn Bullock and Minor White, this commercial photographer gave up his profession to live 100 percent for his art.

  4. John Wimberely

    For nearly four decades, this Arizona photographer has focused his lens on the western landscape. Once, 10 years ago when he was set up to photograph in the desert, he felt the spiritual presence of Ansel Adams and his voice saying that the most important thing about photography is that it must come from the heart.

  5. Jim Steinhardt

    The streets of New York were his source of visual passion—today, his photographs from the late 1940s and early 1950s are catching the attention of collectors.

  6. Martha Casanave

    Conceiving dreamlike images, the pinhole camera is her tool, the California coast her target.

  7. Saïd Nuseibeh

    In his photographs of architectural monuments of Muslim Spain, he seeks to express a fusion of the spiritual and the cultural.

  8. Christine Hauber

    Accompanied by her cat called Ansel Adams, she crisscrosses the U.S. in her Winnebago, making portraits of working people.

  9. James Ware Pitts

    Scouring flea markets and garage sales for objects with texture and patina, he juxtaposes these found items with flowers and plants to create images that are less about depicting objects than about setting scenes.

  10. Charlie Israel

    Today, living in Hamilton, Montana, he roams its back streets and alleyways just like he did when he lived in Los Angeles, looking for quirky vignettes of life.

  11. Cristina Garcia Rodero

    Spain’s pre-eminent visual documentarian, she focuses her camera on her country’s religious rituals, recording traditions dating back to the Middle Ages.