No. 32 August 2004 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 32

  1. The Big Picture

    Edmund Teske, whose contribution was never fully appreciated during his lifetime, was an artist with a unique poetic vision. Now a Getty exhibition brings his vision to a wider audience. Leland Rice, longtime friend, recalls the man and his genius.

  2. Looking Glass

    A century ago, Jack London covered the war between Russia and Japan. James Bleifus looks at the photographs accompanying London’s reports.

  3. Vivian Cherry

    When injury cut short a promising career as a dancer—performing at New York’s famous Roxy theater was a highpoint—she turned to photography. A Photo League street photographer, some of her most memorable shots show the dismantling of the Third Avenue El.

  4. Helen K. Garber

    Influenced by classic Film Noir and Brassaï night photography, she captures the after-dark scenery of cities like Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

  5. Roman Loranc

    Growing up in his native Poland, he traded his treasured Levi jeans for a Russian copy of a Nikon. Later, immigrating to California, he found inspiration in the central valley’s wetlands, focusing on its majestic oaks and fog-shrouded waters. In his new work, he returns to his childhood landscape and church interiors in Poland and Latvia.

  6. Carl Cook

    A lifelong fascination with animals is the guiding force in his work, wolfs, crows and other birds being his forte. One of his images of cranes graces this issue’s cover.

  7. Marte Previti

    Recently come to light, his 1930s and 1940s photographs from South America are throwbacks to a simpler way of life.

  8. Susannah Hays

    She has a love affair with the photogram—an image made with-out the use of a camera.

  9. James Scott Geras

    For his new series—featuring naked trees in winter—he uses long exposures, setting up the camera just before sunrise.

  10. Tom Patton

    The new art department chairman at California State University in Chico, he brings with him a wealth of photographic experience. The titles of his portfolios, such as The City, Nightworks and Artifacts, illustrate his range.

  11. Monica Denevan

    Already at a young age a veteran of travels to China, Vietnam, Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru, her latest portfolio, Portraits of Burma, reinforces her ability to capture indigenous peoples in a non-stereotypical way.

  12. Lance Jones

    Using his winnings from a photo contest, he bought a ticket to Ecuador and found himself a witness to a turbulent coup.