No. 30 April 2004 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 30

  1. Nick Johnson

    This San Francisco teacher of art and photography uses the camera to elevate humble objects to levels of the iconic and monumental.

  2. Matthew Lennert

    Roaming the periphery of our culture with his Hasselblad and tripod, he searches for metaphoric motifs late at night, when the world around him turns into a haven for insomniacs and the disenfranchised.

  3. Sheila Rock

    Shifting the focus of her camera from the monastic life in Tibet, this American living in London, England, currently makes portraits of horses, looking beyond their exterior characteristics to capture their essential spirit.

  4. Nathan McCreery

    When not working for commercial clients, he roams the backroads of the West, capturing grand vistas in the classic manner.

  5. Looking Glass

    Senior contributing editor talks with Jeff Bridges, whose new book reveals another side of the acclaimed actor, that of a serious photographic chronicler of the world of film making — all seen in black and white through the lens of a Widelux panoramic camera.

  6. Meth & Hagel

    The couple left Germany to escape Nazi prosecution only to be met in the U.S. by the Great Depression. At first living like the poor they photographed, they gradually rose to prominence and were eventually hired by Life magazine. We feature a dozen of their most poignant images.

  7. Harry Benson

    A celebrity photographer who in the course of a 40-year career who has photographed everyone from presidents to the Beatles, this hardworking Scot is often more famous than his subjects.

  8. William Giles

    Strongly influenced by his favorite teacher, Minor White, this Carmel, California resident has in his his personal work adhered to the master’s gospel, which visualizes photography as a mix of aesthetics and philosophy — the result is work that shows the ordinary in extraordinary ways.

  9. Alexander Lowry

    At home in the darkroom at an early age, as a mature photographer he focuses on three main subjects: documentary, wildlife, and the landscape — specifically, the patterns of rock formations.

  10. George Provost

    From his backyard in Anchorage, Alaska, there’s just a short hop to the pristine nature he has spent the past 16 years photographing.