No. 3 Fall 1999 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 3

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  1. Margaret Bourke-White

    A globetrotting photojournalist with an extraordinary eye for composition and dramatic effect, she became a legend in her lifetime.

  2. Sid Avery

    In the early Fifties when candid glamour photography became in vogue, Sid Avery was the man who knew how to get the stars to open up.

  3. George Rodger

    Having covered more action in World War II than most, Rodger afterward returned to his first love — Africa, where he made the photographs he’ll always be known by.

  4. Richard Garrod

    He learned from Ansel and Minor, and worked alongside Brett. Today, Garrod is still shooting straight, but is always aiming for new discoveries.

  5. Willy Ronis

    Ever since Négre and Atget, Paris has been the heart of street photography. Willy Ronis worked to the beat of his own pulse, seeing Paris through the eyes of a poet.

  6. Marvin Newman

    In the early Fifties while still a student of photography, Norman roamed the streets of Chicago, capturing the human drama of the day with curiosity and compassion.

  7. Sanford Roth

    At the age of forty he gave up a well-paid executive job in Los Angeles to pursue his passion, photography, in post-World War II Paris. We feature some of his earliest portraits of famous artists in their studios.

  8. Mark Citret

    Citret’s searching eye finds something sublime in places and space where few would ever look. Ruth Bernhard, with whom he studied, says, “Mark walks lightly over this earth, but sees so much.” From his new book we pick images of exceptional delicacy.

  9. Ian McFarlane

    Still in the early stages of a promising career, McFarlane is already expressing his own style, born out of a total commitment to the art.

  10. Apichai Sundaravej

    While a student at Brooks in Santa Barbara, Apichai snuck off to New York, returning with images showing his strong sense of composition and sure eye for detail.