No. 2 Summer 1999 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 2

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  1. Ruth Bernhard

    In an extended, nine-page Spotlight feature, B&W interviews the 94-year old artist, and highlights her long career with 13 of her photographs.

  2. Osvaldo Salas

    A Cuban exile in New York in the Fifties, Salas was hand picked by Fidel and Che to return to his native land and capture on film the emergence of a new Cuba.

  3. Jack Welpott

    A retrospective exhibit of Welpott’s photographs has sparked new interest in an artist who uses the camera as an instrument of interrogation and illumination.

  4. Andreas Feininger

    One of the great chroniclers of Forties and Fifties New York City has recently passed away at the age of 92. We show three of his most famous Manhattan scenes.

  5. Mona Kuhn

    A hot young artist, Kuhn’s vision is ruled by childhood visits to the beach, where life was simple and pure. The bright, sunny images she shoots, full of youthful innocence, strike a chord strike a chord with today’s jaded viewer.

  6. Steve Mulligan

    A master in the mold of the classic interpreters of nature, Mulligan moves a step closer to the core of this intriguing world of forms, aided by an eye so sure of its graphic intentions that it produces perfection, all without crossing the line to the non-recognizable.

  7. Tom Hawkins

    This young artist, already a master of the platinum print, makes hauntingly beautiful photographs of “the unique forms man has built in his efforts to cultivate the land.”

  8. RJ Muna

    In an unusually successful combination of two careers — that of the commercial and the fine art photographer — Muna has built an impressive body of work highlighted by a series, Faces, which explores, through an out-of-focus technique, features of the female face.

  9. Joe Smolen

    Smolen combines his interest in travel and photography with a passion for Nepal and its culture. He has recently brought back out-of-this-world photographs of Himalayan Holy Men.

  10. David Kupferschmidt

    For nearly two decades, Kupferschmidt has traveled with his camera everywhere: Brazil, Russia, Italy…. Influenced by Arbus, Cartier-Bresson, and Doisneau, Kupferschmidt photographs the streets of the world.