No. 17 February 2002 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 17

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  1. Adams Centennial

    The photo world caps the centennial of Ansel Adams’s birth with a flurry of exhibitions and workshops. Susan Ehrens summarizes.

  2. Lens On The Landscape

    Childhood visits to Yosemite and studies with Ansel Adams inspired Philip Hyde to devote his life to defending our last wilderness through the medium of photography. Susan Ehrens looks at Hyde’s contribution to conservation and landscape photography in his work for the Sierra Club and others.

  3. Eve Arnold

    She was the first female photographer to join the Magnum photo agency in the early Fifties. Now, at age 89, she looks back on a distinguished career in photojournalism. Our 16-page, 25-image Spotlight features little-known photographs as well as her icons.

  4. William Heick

    This veteran of black and white took instruction from Ansel Adams and Minor White, and tended garden for Imogen Cunningham in exchange for prints.

  5. Pirkle Jones

    After a career that spanned six decades and saw him collaborate with Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams, this quiet master is finally receiving his dues in the form of an Aperture monograph and a retrospective starting its traveling tour at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

  6. William Odiorne

    No one fits the mold of having “fallen between the cracks” of photographic history more aptly than this pictorialist. Luckily, 64 of his evocative images from Paris have survived.

  7. Marcel Bovis

    Little known outside France, his photographs of Thirties’ Paris rival the work of Brassaï, Doisneau, and Ronis, epitomizing the genre.

  8. Barbara van Cleeve

    Devoted to the Montana land she was raised on, she captures life on the ranch from her saddle.

  9. Jesse Alexander

    Auto racing became his niche when he went to Europe in the early Fifties to shoot cars and drivers of the Grand Prix circus.

  10. Jason Langer

    Seeing facets of himself in every photograph he takes, he uses black and white to generate dark and hauntingly beautiful images of the faceless men and women who populate his Secret City.

  11. Howard Christopherson

    Obsessed with the idea of “bending reality,” he looks for distortions and reflections in everyday objects to express a visual world he sees somewhere between fact and fiction.

  12. Peter Keetman

    One of the founders of the influential postwar German group Fotoform, his abstract work exemplifies the aesthetic aspirations of Subjective Fotografie.