No. 156 December 2022 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 156

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  1. Smartphone Contest Winners

    Here it is: our third annual Smartphone Contest. We put out the call for your best phone photographs, and you responded with another tsunami of remarkable images. The quality of submissions was equally impressive across all ten categories listed on the facing page. Striking portraits from Leanne Trivett and Max Vere-Hodge; stunning surrealism from Ricardas Jarmalavicius and Lynne Mass; incredible street photos from Kip Harris and Sheryl Hess—these are but a few of the images we’re sure you are going to find compelling, inspiring and memorable. We thank all those who contributed their talent and vision to make this one of the best contests in the magazine’s history. We hope to see their work—and yours—in next year’s competition.

    Abstract/Pattern — 14
    Animals/Wildlife — 28
    City/Street — 44
    Conceptual — 58
    Documentary — 72
    Fantasy/Surrealism — 86
    Nature — 98
    Place — 130
    Portrait/Selfie — 144

    Smartphone Contest Winners

    Allen, Maura—80
    Aloma, Lilyan—23, 98
    Anderson, Ted—125
    Andrade, Jose Paulo—128

    Bach, Carly—152
    Baeurle, Stefan—129
    Batch, Richard—26, 86
    Bellodi, Luca Giuseppe—81
    Best, Brendan—39
    Bockstahler, Steve—21, 65
    Boucaouri, Maria—33
    Bourke, Geffrard—36, 115,139
    Braitman, Art—61
    Brown, Rob—141
    Bunney, Chris—74

    Cantin, Marie—69, 133
    Chakraborty, Robi— 58, 75, 148
    Chaucer-Levine, Valerie—65, 124
    Chaves-Andonegui, Carlo—127
    Cohen, David—15, 34

    Danielson, Ian—60
    de Moor, Carl—109
    DeChellis, R. Michael—130
    Devine, Jenny—82
    Diephouse, John—87
    Dignam, Anne—105, 125, 135
    Dominique, Gene—50, 85, 94, 145
    Dopatka, Jurgen—55
    Doyle, Barbara Ford—142
    Dusterwald, William—110
    Dwoskin, Ira—14

    Edelstein, Carolyn—150

    Figueroa, David—42, 88
    Foreman, Michaela—39
    Freeman, Aaron—90, 113
    Fritsche, Dennis—25, 30
    Fujii, Eduardo—123

    Ginzburg, Victor—38, 71
    Gonzalez—Rothi, Ricardo—97, 131
    Goodrich, Mary—35, 101, 120

    Haldeman, Maureen—20, 138
    Hamilton, John—153
    Harris, Kip—45, 144
    Hess, Sheryl—53, 114
    Holliday, Sharlene—18

    Jarmalavicius, Ricardas—73, 96, 134
    Jeffery, Jon—29, 126
    Johnson, Steve—40

    Kamali, Javid—52, 148
    Kanicki, Steve—76
    Katzenberger, George—100
    Kovach, Gerald—146

    Lasky, Lucy—63
    Lassman, Prescott—119
    Lavery, Brian—151
    Lee, Kathy—104
    Levy, Gary—17, 83.
    Lewis, Owen—48
    Lindley, Margaret Sears —43
    Loustalet, George—37
    Lubacheski, Juliana—94
    Lustenader, Jim—89

    Madero III, Peter—47
    Marcano, Colin—156
    Markou, Christos—121
    Martinez, Beatriz—134
    Mass, Lynne—69, 92
    McAlister, Heather—31, 102, 118
    McIntosh, Gregory—16
    McKinniss, Jim—95
    Munier, Nancy—46, 132

    Nedrow, Craig—80
    Needham, Timothy—32
    Neiman, Bob—108
    Novati, Liliana—117
    Palm, Liz—143
    Pantuso, David—19
    Perez, Tony—25
    Phillips, Doug—54, 84
    Plunkett, Evan William—91, 136
    Pontell, Jonathan—50
    Porres, Alberto—93

    Ramirez, Margaret—72, 105
    Renard, Eric—24
    Robbins, Tom—51
    Rodrigues, John—56
    Roelle, Cynthia—28, 99, 137
    Ross, Michael—103
    Rudulph, Elizabeth—70

    Sav, Marry—49
    Schuster, Sebastian—22
    Scott-Queenin, Debbie—110
    Segal, Lloyd—157
    Sheridan, Marc—138
    Shonkwiler, Gerald—77, 112
    Silva, Denise—152
    Sinkovich, Bill—41
    Slechta, Cheryl—116, 140
    Solomon, Gwen—107
    Sova, Dave—55, 155
    Stanchev, Verislav—122
    Stevanovic, Dragan—147
    Stopa, Frank—18
    Storey, David—78
    Szita, Janos—44, 101
    Szpektor, Sara—21

    Tratnik, Jan—57
    Trivett, Leanne—59, 111, 149

    Vere-Hodge, Max—34, 154
    Villiers, Chris—79, 90
    Viterbo, Michelangelo—66

    Webb, Alison—156
    Weinstein, Marlene—67
    Wexler, Eddie—84
    Wiese, Jerry—68, 120
    Williams, Rosemary—106
    Wolf, Mary—27, 62

    Zovko, Chuck—127
    Zygelman, Robin—64