No. 14 August 2001 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 14

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  1. Lasting Legacy

    Very few educators have had as much impact on the world of photography as Van Deren Coke. Susan Ehrens and leland Rice give tribute.

  2. Ida Wyman

    She started in the mail room of a New York picture agency and worked her way up to shooting noes stories, eventually taking on human interest and celebrity assignments for Life. After 50 years, this Photo League veteran is still wielding a camera in her Bronx neighborhood.

  3. David Plowden

    Four decades, a quarter of a million images, and more than a dozen books, testify to this grand old master’s passion for vanishing America.

  4. Marilyn Bridges

    While still a student of fine art and photography, she traveled to Peru to record ancient markings from the air — and became hooked on aerial photography. For two decades she has kept up her quest to project to her audience breathtaking images of sacred and surreal spots around the world.

  5. Richard Copeland Miller

    Often shunning the conventional use of sharp detail, he focuses on conveying a mood, shooting under conditions where there’s seemingly no light.

  6. David Farris

    In his youth he roamed the streets in search of social commentary. Now he uses metaphorical closeups to express his views on man’s interaction with nature.

  7. Alexy Titarenko

    In haunting scenes from his native St. Petersburg, he captures the melancholy of his native Russia.

  8. Rick Chapman

    He photographs only circular or spherical objects, seeing in them the shape of a greater truth.

  9. Doc Ross

    This New Zealander, despite carrying on his creative pursuit in a faraway corner of the world, has developed a clear and cutting-edge visual language of texture and form.

  10. Peter Steinhauer

    His father was a Mash Unit doctor in Vietnam, and brought back snapshots of a people and a country the boy never forgot. Years later, after completing his photography studies, he visited Vietnam and ended up staying, now making it his life’s work to document a world few have seen.

  11. Adriana Groisman

    To capture on film the “dance of the night” has been her passion for the past 14 years.