No. 136 December 2019 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 136

  1. Alternatives : Carol Erb: Uneasy Landscapes

    In our youth we look toward the future with a sense of spontaneity, with glib faith that all things are possible, and that with honest effort, divine intervention and opportunity everything will settle into its rightful position. But as we progress and become more realistic courtesy of maturity, experience and learned lessons, we discover that to move from one point to the next in our life’s ambitions, careful consideration and timing are essential ingredients.

  2. Shannon Leah Halvorsen Portfolio Contest Winner

    Fact File Pinellas Park, FL All images printed with traditional darkroom processes. 11 × 14 prints available for $175, 16 × 20 for $325, 20 × 24 for $425.