No. 13 June 2001 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 13

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  1. Private Passion

    Anne Horton interviews New Yorker Alan Siegel, whose sure eye and eclectic taste has created a truly unique and provocative collection.

  2. Arthur Tress

    No photographer has used the camera to delve deeper into the dark yet unutterably strange beauty of the human psyche than Arthur Tress. On the occasion of a retrospective at the Corcoran Museum of Art, we offer an extended Spotlight.

  3. Elisabeth Sunday

    Her elongated images, shot in a curved mirror, bring to life the invisible spiritual aspects of African tribal women, healers, flowers—even fishes.

  4. Joseph Sterling

    In the late Fifties and early Sixties, Sterling set out to document the world of the young generation and its search for identity and expression. Not much older than his subjects, Sterling had unique access when creating his Age of Adolescence—a body of work reflecting both his documentary skill and graphic sensibility.

  5. Curt Gunther

    One of the pioneers of photojournalism, he was invited to tag along with The Beatles on their first US tour—did he know he was recording an epochal moment in modern history?

  6. Geoff Fricker

    His view of nature reflects our ambiguous relationship with the world we live in—Fricker’s scenes are often shot from atop a truck-mounted cherry picker.

  7. David Rubello

    He is going where no man has gone before, creating new shapes, giving them new names.

  8. Michael Goldman

    A commercial photographer, in his own work he searches for contrast in exotic places.

  9. Mohamad Vajed

    He always remembers his childhood, growing up in a town in the south of Iran that was called the “City of Roses”—he traces his passion for photographing flowers and weeds back to those formative years.

  10. Brigitte Carnochan

    Trained as a ballet dancer, she developed a special interest in the female body. Through the eye of the camera, she’s able to visualize grace and beauty, creating nude images with a pure classical formality.

  11. Robert Stivers

    In his latest work, by shooting blurry, out-of-focus images, he forces the viewer to see clearly on a subconscious level.