No. 124 December 2017 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 124

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  1. Eyewitness : Steve Schapiro: The Power in Truth

    Steve Schapiro discovered photography at the age of nine at summer camp, spending the ensuing formative years exploring the streets of his native New York City camera in hand. His first formal education in the medium came when he studied under the legendary photo essayist W. Eugene Smith. Schapiro’s lifelong interest in social documentary imagery and his empathetic portrayal of his subjects are in part a silent tribute to Smith and his humanistic approach to photography.

  2. Spotlight: André Paxiuta Portfolio Contest Winner

    “I have found that by keeping film alive in my workflow I’m forcing myself to secure these moments of silence while doing something that I love.”

  3. Spotlight: Swee Hoe Lim Single Image Winner travel/places

  4. Alternatives: Rodney Smith: Elegance and Humor

    Rodney Smith, who passed away last year at 68, left a 40-year legacy in photography that delights our eyes, brings smiles to our lips and a sense of wonder at his singular achievement. Typical of the photographs for which Smith is best known is this one: A man in an overcoat and fedora is photographed from behind, standing on the top step of a ladder that leans against a leaf-covered wall. With his hands clasped behind him, the man looks at something (or nothing) on the other side of the wall.