No. 123 October 2017 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 123

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  1. Outsiders: Anders Petersen: Opening Doors

    The history of photography abounds with famous examples of the extended photo essay, the time-honored practice wherein photographers explore a particular theme or subject for weeks or months or years at a time, culminating in a visual narrative of novelistic breadth and depth. The requisite characteristics are fairly basic, if not easily attainable as a collective skill set: a clearly defined goal, exceptional powers of observation, equal amounts of insight and empathy, and perseverance bordering on—and frequently exceeding—obsession.

  2. Spotlight: Scott Clarke Portfolio Contest Winner

    “There is beautifully restored old architecture right next to buildings that seem to have been bombed. Many are just shells. The stone and metal have an amazing patina of age and decay.”

  3. Jeff Wiles Single Image Winner Portraiture