No. 12 April 2001 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 12

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  1. Private Passion

    Mark Edward Harris talks with Tim Zinnemann about his father and about collecting.

  2. Individual Expression

    Henry Rasmussen tells the story of Anna Marie Mullen and her life of adventure and creative fulfillment, as she strives with stubborn determination to attain her childhood “island dreams” of exploring exotic places and cultures — a dream many have but few are able to realize.

  3. Jock Sturges

    The work that made Jock Sturges a household name in photography circles is well known, but few are familiar with the work he has pursued in Ireland during the past decade — Black & White is pleased to bring his unknown portraits of Irish children to our viewers’ attention.

  4. David Michael Kennedy

    He exchanged New York for New Mexico, the lights of the city for the sunrises of the desert, and famous people for Indian dancers.

  5. Dennis Manarchy

    He has his own production company and shoots commercials for a living, but when he wishes to explore his most personal sources of inspiration, he reaches for his still camera and photographs people from other walks of life — the famous as well as the famined.

  6. Wendall MacRae

    He worked as a commercial photographer in New York during the Thirties and Forties, capturing the city as he saw it. After his death in 1984, his work has risen to a place of honor in the canon of New York photography.

  7. Tim Barnwell

    Born and raised in North Carolina, he has spent the past decades photographing what he knows the best: the hill, valleys, farms and people of Appalachia.

  8. Larry Snider

    A lawyer by trade, he uses his vacations to explore exotic Asian cultures with his camera.

  9. Patrick Cariou

    A Frenchman with a penchant for adventure, he lived with the elusive Rastafarians in Jamaica.

  10. Merg Ross

    Growing up with his photographer father and family friends like Edward and Brett Weston, Merg Ross could not escape becoming involved with the camera — he has gone on to make his own mark that shows finely tuned taste for abstractions.

  11. Wayne Miller

    A combat photographer in World War Two, he vowed to take on the wrongs of the world — first as he saw it on the streets and back alleys of Chicago’s South Side in the late Forties.

  12. Brian Gaberman

    Finding inspiration in the decay of derelict buildings, he creates imaginative images that reveal a talent of great promise.