No. 115 June 2016 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 115

  1. Hiroji Kubota: The Decisive Observer

    Hiroji Kubota was born in 1939 as the dark clouds of World War II were looming over the horizon. Six years later the end of the war in the Pacific meant a defeated Japan digging out of the rubble. These formative years for the future photographer perhaps became the impetus for his conscious efforts to focus on the more positive aspects of life while not forgetting its dark side. He writes in his new book, Hiroji Kubota Photographer (Aperture): “I want to make pictures that lift people’s spirits. I see the giving and receiving of photographs as something beautiful and personal.”

  2. Carlos Rozensztroch Portfolio Contest Winner

    “I enjoy looking deeply into what makes other people tick, which I believe gives me more insight into my own existence.”