No. 114 April 2016 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 114

  1. Icons : David Douglas Duncan: The Making of a Master

    Over dinner at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in the heart of Geneva, David Douglas Duncan, or DDD as he’s known to friends, family and colleagues, recalls some of the most dramatic moments of the 20th century in which he participated—from the Korean War battle at Chosin Reservoir to photo sessions with Picasso.

  2. Meditations : Roger Vail: In the Still of the Night

    Amid the CHAOS of this world, Roger Vail’s photographs offer us a respite; a benign universe in which peace, quiet, order, structure and the mystery of the night reign supreme. His exquisite eye, inquisitive nature and technical mastery of his medium have produced—whether he’s working with large-format film in black-and-white, color transparency or digital prints—many bodies of work comprised of an abundance of expertly crafted, stunningly beautiful photographs.

  3. Hannah Neal Portfolio Contest Winner

    “I feel there’s a sort of alchemy that happens between artist and subject.”