No. 109 June 2015 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 109

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  1. Front Lines: Philip Jones Griffiths: The Vietnam War from the U.S. Side

    Recent events in the Middle East and across North Africa have made the parallels of being a conflict journalist alarmingly clear. But courting death while covering war is nothing new, as Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina by Horst Faas and Tim Page, demonstrates with shocking clarity. Requiem tells the stories of the 135 photojournalists covering the French Indochina War and Vietnam War who brought the conflict home at the cost of their lives. On the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam War we look at two photographers who did survive that conflict to tell their stories in images and words: Philip Jones Griffiths traveled with American and South Vietnamese troops and their allies. Doan Cong Tinh — whose interview immediately follows this one — documented the war from the North Vietnamese side.

  2. Eyewitness : Alan Orling: Moments and People Observed

    Upon first encountering the photographic art of Alan Orling one is struck by the sheer breadth of his mastery: color and black and white, atmospheric landscape, architecture, still life, documentary and, perhaps most especially, portraiture. A New York-based freelancer throughout his four-decade career, Orling is an exception to the old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

  3. Spotlight: Christopher Shaw Portfolio Contest Winner

    “The night reveals unanticipated viewpoints. Things appear more compelling and mysterious to me.”