No. 1 Spring 1999 : B&W : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 1

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  1. Loran List

    A visual philosophy inspired by impressionist painters, and impeccable darkroom skills, gives List the ability to create images that recall the classics.

  2. Rod Dresser

    A student of Ansel Adams, Dresser builds on the Western tradition, but his search for new directions is producing images that express a stark, minimalist beauty.

  3. Bruce McBroom

    The quintessential movie still photographer, McBroom has never lost his love for the black & white medium — and his ability to press the shutter at the right moment.

  4. William Claxton

    The world of jazz was Claxton’s to conquer — it made him as famous in the field as his subjects were in theirs. And then there was the world of fashion….

  5. Valdir Cruz

    A Brazilian who moved to New York to discover photography, Cruz returned to his homeland years later to document the people of a civilization in danger of extinction.

  6. Yousuf Karsh

    Fleeing persecution in Armenia, Karsh arrived in Canada in his teens. An uncle turned him on to photography. In 1941, the young man got his big break: His portrait of Churchill became an instant classic and made Karsh the portraitist of the famous.

  7. Terry Evans

    A child of the prairie, Evans devotes her life to documenting its ever-changing scenery, as seen from the ground, from the air — from the heart.

  8. Milton Greene

    The king of glamour photography, Greene’s secret was his ability to form a bond with his subjects, and through this make them reveal the essence of their personae — all the big stars of the Fifties and Sixties were his friends and muses, but none more than Marilyn.

  9. Gina Taro

    A search for the most intimate secret of her subjects brings Taro’s lens dramatically close to details that tell visual tales of beautiful new vistas.

  10. David Stroup

    The places where ocean meets land, where waves meet rock, where earth meets flesh, are the domain of Stroup’s world — a world whose mystery and meaning he’s tirelessly working to visualize.