Lee Grossman

Art, psychoanalysis, humor—three of my major interests—involve seeing the ordinary in new and unexpected ways. In this sense all art is accidental and all art is found art. From a psychoanalytic perspective, that is just a way of saying that in art as in everything else, unconscious processes trump conscious intention. Stephen King put it nicely: “So-called higher thought is, by and large, highly overrated.” I try to see the mysterious in the mundane, the way a child sees. I am intrigued by the underground, the inner workings and the world behind the closed door, as well as the doors and fences and barriers that keep me apart from something I want. The same interests led me to become a psychoanalyst. I am lucky to be able to do both.

Lee Grossman
Oakland, CA


Photo 1
Barnacles, San Francisco, California, 2012