Color: 2010 Portfolio

Scott Brock

outrbrij@ BZIJAGUY concentric BZIJAGUY .net

Claudia ti amo
Jamaican flag above truck grille
Hat   flag
Mirror   streetwall
Reading   street driving
Kid on first   i
Karen with crush can
Homeless man
2 bicycles
Trini girl
Man draped in flag
Boy in window   laundry
Child on steps
Four tattooed torsos
Flags   peterbilt float
Dog   hunched man
Door portal
Door   2 side pillars
Four girls
1944 federal ave
Arm with jamaican flag
Graffiti porthole
End construction
Girl with a blue spoon
Geranium behind glass
Young boy pointing jamaican flag
Elderly tourist
Grass tufts   cobblestone
Young puerto rican
Eye of a little mischief maker
Torso   tattoos