High tech security    chain links and deleware punch sign
Ice hockey lesson
Oncoming storm  1
Shreve square demolition  5
Six boys at common street demolition
Diane at restaurant near metropolitan museum of art
Restaurant on milam street
Demolitioneer  3
Motor overhaul shop
Tounge piercing
Anne at 9
Demolitioneer  1
Gravity fed and computer pumps
Five boys at common street demolition
Mabel susan
David ginsburg
Anne at 7
Christmas time with the mayor
Brownies march in veteran s day parade
Cooks in the kitchen
Anne at 5  2
Roadside turnip vendor
September sunday morning on lakeshore drive
Anne at 5  1
Demolitioneer  2
Collecting lignite samples at the red river coal mine
Hash browns on the grill
Shreve square demolition  1
Demolitioneer  4
Carl and bread truck driver
Delia s florist truck
Shreve square demolition  2
Old shell gasoline station
Cindy and the goat