B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Eric Fisher

efisha@ FFTLGPAG hotmail FFTLGPAG .com

A lone woman in a blizzard
Cracked ice in canal park
Shadows on a door
Contemplating the sea
Shadows on a door frame
Three trees and a woman
Water tower
Clear bottle with shadow
Steam cleaning a building
Footprints on a snowy driveway
Woman walking at dusk in central park
Quiet dawn on the westport river
A girl on a bridge in central park
Moonhouse anasazi ruin
Man walking by a ruin
Reflection of a window on a w kahn print
Hand on forehead
Vase with shadow
Fractured shadow
Snow falling on a man crossing a bridge
Door pull ring
Shelf  with window shadow
Tire tracks in snow
Shadow on a mantle
Empty bookshelf corner
Dingy dock