The new trick from kelly s playbook  circus circus
Plate  3
Second attempt of the escaping from reality  agoraphobia
The statement
Charlie s guardian angel
La habanacoming through
Girl with a paddle  the association
Down by gervasio
Plate  2
La habanastreet friends
Macario and his daughter
Untitled  little cute lorena bobbit
A pleasant surprise before the morning ride  houston
Happy time
Plate  5
Plate  1
Shot the door
Waiting for adventure  circus circus
Plate  15
Mr martez in his apartment
Young snipers
Love prelude on the balcony
The beauty
Death in the laundromat
Plate  14
Releasing the fish to the freedom  agoraphobia
Easy rider
Papaito randy
Poor comparison
Plate  4
The triptych  agoraphobia
It s for you
There is a mirror for everyone
Little angel