B&W: 2012 Portfolio

Dean Fikar

dfikar1@ ADLWYXZI yahoo ADLWYXZI .com

Stormy day
On the high road to taos
Backyard bunny
Galleria mall
Untitled 9
Near taos
Untitled 6
Cancun beach
Benbrook lake
Georgia o keefe country
Untitled 2
Just a rose
Untitled 7
Texas winter
Santa monica pier
Untitled 4
Untitled 1
Air force academy chapel
Untitled 10
Withered lake flower
Untitled 3
Untitled 5
Becker vineyards
Fredericksburg hunting display
St  francis cathedral
Rancho de chimayo
A girl s love for her dog
Untitled 11
Botanical gardens
Wounded buck
Untitled 12
Cliff house