Digital Conceptualization

Congress St. by Mary Woodman
Clio by Robert Petersen
Reflection by Alan Wood
Stone  and Chalice by Jess Merrill
Ice Horse by Brian Barrer
Face by Carole Usdan
Necktie Party by Christopher Robin Blum
Temptation by Bruce R. Croffy
Isle-Hopping 1 by Larry Price
Dreams by J. K. Morley
Lift Off by Bruce Bowles
Going Back by Paul Matte
16 Failed Concepts by Clint Saunders
Rapture by Christopher Robin Blum
Frog Morph 2 by Brian Barrer
The Risin by Jay Schadler
Brave by Carole Usdan
Figurative 11 by Julius Friedman
Angela #6 by Kevin Godfrey
Custom House Pier #3 by Mary Woodman
Keeler Pool by Joseph Romeo
Toward the Beginning by Jess Merrill
Untitled 1 by Brian Barrer
Autumnal Glass by Jari Poulin
Festina lente -Tempus Fugit by Lars J. Hyttinen
Graffiti Doorway by Anthony Luzi
Man 2008 by Everett C. Williams
Church Stairs by Paul Matte
Ice Cream Headache by Bruce Bowles
Church Doors by Paul Matte
Indoor Park by Paul Matte
Art-interrupted by Eduardo Fujii
Mirage by Kit Tsin
Hollyhock by Bruce R. Croffy