Digital Conceptualization

A Brief History of Civiization by Charlie Le May
Fresh Escargo by Bruce Bowles
Concrete Balls by Paul Matte
Pasture 12 by Julius Friedman
Ed by Jeff Wiles
Untitled 4 by Brian Barrer
Dog Chapeau by Brian Barrer
Old Mill Building by Ray Fannin Jr.
Moon Eyes by Jay Schadler
My Living Room by Ray Fannin Jr.
Midnight on the Marsh by Jay Schadler
Leafadactyl - Alone Above the Clouds by John F. Johnson
Exposure Fusion - Leaves Trees by Eileen Duranko
Augusta by Ray Fannin Jr.
Matter Of Life by Jess Merrill
Exposure Fusion  - Leaves In Forest by Eileen Duranko
Buffalo Soldier by Brian Barrer
Box Series 11 by Brian Barrer
In the Fog #3 by Andrea Miatto
Gnosis by Charlie Le May
The Shout by Allan R. Lamb
The Landry Building by Ray Fannin Jr.
Untitled 7 by Brian Barrer
Church by Craig Worth
Stone Rope Rock by Brian Barrer
Liquitowers by Craig Akabak
Indian Land by Brian Barrer
Blindrage by Bruce Bowles
Green Hair Clown by Bruce Bowles
In the Fog #4 by Andrea Miatto
Indian Land 4 by Brian Barrer
Bone Face by Brian Barrer
A Desk Chair by Ray Fannin Jr.