Digital Conceptualization

Untitled 5 by Brian Barrer
Ancient Columns by Shanti Golden
Blue Float by Brian Barrer
Euterpe by Robert Petersen
It is Complete by Erin Sparler
Family Dogma by Charlie Le May
Sixtieth Year #1 by Arla Patch
And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon by David Parsons
I'm Late I'm Late by Dr. George R. Ujvary
Hope by Clint Saunders
Tree Cloud Stones by Jay Schadler
The Lamp by Ray Fannin Jr.
Gondolas by Jim DeLutes
Invisible Forces by Craig Akabak
The Purgatory of Regret by Curtis Salonick
In the Beginning there was Physics by Jess Merrill
Box Series 7 by Brian Barrer
Box Series 2 by Brian Barrer
Causeway by Mary Woodman
L'ombie Dans la Rue by John L. Coker
The One by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Poplar Leaf #4 by Donald J. Schwarz
Ti Leaf Hula by Alvis Upitis
The Anger Leaves Me by Bruce Bowles
Stairway To Heaven by Roger Humbert
The Rug by Ray Fannin Jr.
A German Street by Ray Fannin Jr.
Olson House #2 by Mary Woodman
Stormy Relationship by Randall Nyhof
The Questing Beast by Charlie Le May
Silver Face by Gene Newell
Abandoned Farm House by Joseph Romeo
Cross Feed by Robert Steffen
After the Parade (composite) by Jeff Wiles