Pattern / Texture

Shadows by Judith Monteferrante
Fungus 09 by Alain Labbe
#44 by Dennis Hodges
Series Spirit & Matter  Synaptic Energy #4 by Silvio Balestra
Positive by Robert Colantuono
Mountains #3 by Don Russell
Neon Reflectios # 3 by Raymond A. Senk
Sea Sculpture--Rorschach 6 by Bill Prosser
Colorfield Thirty by Patricia Wilder
Tree Windows by Mike Grandmaison
Water Signature #53 by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Monarch study by Lee Grossman
Ice Birds by Annekathrin Hansen
Taos Pueblo-9 by William L. Witmer
02 Reflections by Jurgen Donatka
Markings by Joan M. Ladendorf
Carnival #71 by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Blue On Brown Stucco by Gloria Flogler-Mancini
Kayaks by Muriel Foster
The Red Door by Jari Poulin
After the Autumn Rain by Jerome Skiscim
Coloured Rust by Bradford Dunlop
Mill by Kevin D. Couture
Mosaic by Kathleen Pickard
Green Doorway by Alex Hoffmaister
#16 by Dennis Hodges
Blue Drops by Dennis Usdan
Wet Rocks - Sandstone by Gero Heine
Abbey Shadows by Trevor R. A. Dingle
River View Red Foam by Thomas Dimaio
Waters Edge 10 by Bradford Dunlop
Flames by Visti Kjar
Death Valley Reflected 6 by Don Jacobson
The Power that Builds in Solitude by Russ Lawrence