Pattern / Texture

A Cold and Fishy Eye by Mary Woodman
Winter Spring by Joe Washington
Chemical Peel by Ian Wallace
Aerial Writings. St-Bruno by Francois Breton
Club Card by Laurits Haaning
Wet Sand At Sunrise by Carla Stevens
Salvage Yard #5 by Gary E. Miller
Reflections at the Windspear 1 by Larry Hurlbut
Color Falls 1 by Christopher Poese
Wall by Lee Grossman
04 Sand Waves by Jurgen Donatka
Series Spirit & Matter Mutagen Sequence #6 by Silvio Balestra
Rope Odyssey In Blue #254 by Keith Waldrum
Life by Carol Janik
Blue Note No 6 by Judy Ann Hoffman
Abstract#11 by Jack Challem
Stony Kill Farm by Lars Hyttinen
Lite Form 3 by Stephen Bitel
Blueberry Rocks by Michael L. Wilson
Photo on Cloth by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Intimacy 6 by David Quinn
2D by Yash Holbrook
Abandoned Pool in Winter by Gero Heine
Warm Radiator by Joyce Solberg
Dragger Cookies by Karen Lynch
Reflections at the Windspear 4 by Larry Hurlbut
Bubbles on Mirror by Gregory Talley
Abstract #13 by Myron Slabaugh
Twig by Jari Poulin
1Void by Hugh Jones
Kaleidoscope in Grayscale 10 by Fernando Puche
Shinjuku Interior by Dale Leifeste
Dried Paint #2 by Raymond A. Senk
Tattered Tarp # 5 by John Talbert