Pattern / Texture

Lobster Moon #5 by Mary Woodman
Imagine Bliss III by Jeremy Week
Threshold 8 by Kelley Stapleton
Cave Formation Reflected 3 by Don Jacobson
Neon Reflections # 7 by Raymond A. Senk
Dune Study 5 by Sergio Dennis
Cosmic Letters by Laurits Haaning
Abstract #5 by Jack Challem
White on Black 5 by Paolo Mieli
Boshing 10 by C. E. Morse
Homage to Pieter Bruegel by Larry Hurlbut
sand pattern #5 solana beach by Jerry Kay
Necropolis 101 by Laurits Haaning
Multiple Shadows by Jeremiah Cogan
Beach 7 by Paul R. Anderson
Light Stick Photo 2 by Bill Bowley
Chickflare by Hunter Wyatt-Brown III
Boshing 123 by C. E. Morse
Web by Daniel Rice
Millshed 1 by Bill Mauzy
Patterns of Power 13 by Oliver Raschka
Forms 10 by Ronald Cooley
Fracture by Nicolas Hyacinthe
Planet and Moon by Michael L. Wilson
La Boca by Matthew C. Miller
Falling Metropolis by Lau Haaning
White on White 3 by Lois Alexander-Mandel
Boarded Window by Bradford Dunlop
Golden Bubbles by Lars J. Hyttinen
Car Abstract 10 by Simone Koffman
Being There by Richard Lotman Brown
Porbox 102 by C. E. Morse
Untitled 5 by Priscilla Kanady
Dockside #3 by Lee Grossman