Pattern / Texture

Peeled Writing by Laurits Haaning
Abstract #6 by Eric Wiswell
Black Fire by Dennis Hodges
Series Spirit & Matter  I Neri by Silvio Balestra
Beyond the Curtain by Doug Bisson
Pod by Carolyn Kennedy
Sandpattern by Sophia Koopman
Slate Palette 1470 by Barbara House
Old Wood 3 by Richard Tucker
Roman Shades  2 by Kathy B. Shapiro
Series Spirit & Matter Night & Day by Silvio Balestra
Rain by Maude Pervere
Toyota Corolla by Robert S. Finkelhor
Forms--Crisscross by Joan M. Ladendorf
Peeling Bark by Ed Perkins
Wave Worn Burls by John D. Wilkins
Photomicrograph Tartaric acid TA20 by Michael Dingley
Colors Thrown from a Fast Moving Train by Steve Burkett
Going Up by Michael Parvin
Untitled by Sergio Cavallerin
Wise Cracks by Michael K. Reyburn
The Indian Market by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Waterscapes-7 by Yiye Teng
Ceiling by Juergen Vespermann
Decaying Tank 1 by Bob Witkowski
Dance of the Primaries by Lynne Garell
Broken at Speed by David A. Legg
Ice around the Rock by Duschan Tomic
Tangled Kelp by Jackie Schwiebert
Dandelion by Donald Bolak
Road Art 8 by Lawrence Shapiro
Flowing Red by Jim Hutsler
Untitled 8 by Pat Willard
Rivulet by Mary Goodrich