Pattern / Texture

Black and White by Ivana Vostrakova
Sensual Sand by Haydee Yordan
Nr.4 by Imre Hancz
Aeonium by Donald Bolak
Intimacy 5 by David Quinn
South Georgia Island Kelp by Richard Morse
Intimacy 2 by David Quinn
River Ice by Robert Schwiebert
Untitled 5 by Gwen Gove
Sandstone concretions #8 by Christina Heliker
Mystery by Haydee Yordan
Trees after Forest Fire (with Motion)-Glacier National Park MT-2008 by Jane Heater
03 Wet Beach Sand by Jurgen Donatka
Lines 02 by Shifra Levyathan
Blackstone by David Andrew Muench
Rock Shapes 11 by Allan R. Lamb
My Pathway by Robert Miller
outrunning demons by Mike Callaghan
Untitled 6 by Scott Young
Muro 03 by Elisabeth Bard
Bubbble and Squares by Gregory Talley
Spring by Norman T. Robbins
Lake Eyre Aerial #1 by David Flanagan
Silverback by William L. Witmer
Boat Hull 3 by J.M. van Coutren
Sandstone concretions #3 by Christina Heliker
Location G. #7 by William Morningstar
Raised by Time by Rosemary H. Williams
Fragment Reference #4 by William Morningstar
Looming Architecture by Sara Yerkes
Pressure Ridge Formations by Scott Fowler
Steel Spiral 4 by Myra Elizabeth Elliott
Glacial Falls 07 by Clint Saunders
Viga Shadows by Weaver C Barksdale