Pattern / Texture

Light Play by Susan B. Griffith
Drifting by Becky McKenzie
Brushed Steel Panel # 5 by John Talbert
Ice Etchings 835 by Carl Rubino
Ice #1 by David Wade
Pylon by Louis Joyner
Stasis and Flow by Robert Goldstein
Lite Form 7 by Stephen Bitel
Predators and Prey by Raider Schopp
Olympics by Adam Laskowski
Paris by Stephen Blakesley
Celestial Snow 6 by Jerome Skiscim
Nautical by Sara Yerkes
025 by Jane A. Spencer
Tray by Yurik Nestoly
Ice by Joan M. Ladendorf
Untitled 8 by Peter M. Wise
Untitled 5 by Pat Willard
Silver over Stripes by David A. Legg
Galaxies by Jeff Irwin
Talkington Pools 1 by Joe Washington
Rock Shapes 9 by Allan R. Lamb
Dragonflies by William L. Witmer
ACommonWoman'sSenses6 by Patricia Sheley
Park Steps by Vicki Weiss
Night Walk 3 by Sei Yeon Lee
Somewhere by Laurits Haaning
Long Point 12 by Gifford Ewing
Chemung Star by Lau Haaning
Lite Form 1 by Stephen Bitel
Ocean Rock 25 by Marc Sheridan
Perspective by Doug Bisson
Main Post Office by Ronald Cooley
Sunrise by Jeremy Beckman