Pattern / Texture

Abstraction by Patricia Sweeney
Uneven Keel by Lee Grossman
Patterned Rock by Betty Johnson
Scratch 2 by Walter F. Piper
Salt Pond by Dennis Fritsche
Art- Nashville Airport by Jane Vickers
The Pottery Factory by Robert Goldstein
Reflections at the Winspear No. 25 by Larry Hurlbut
Untitled 4 by Michael Mayer
Untitled #213 by Wayne B. Gibson
Solitary by Jenn Verrier
Shingles by Richard Tucker
Pyrotechnic 36 by Jim Nickelson
Firework by Adrienne Mountain
Elephant with Music by William L. Witmer
Beijing Pink White Mobile by Kathy B. Shapiro
Sandstone concretions #6 by Christina Heliker
Untitled 1 by Keith Settle
Night Ride by Kay Beausoleil
Rock Shapes 4 by Allan R. Lamb
Minimal Architecture by Sara Yerkes
Masked Ice by Don Jacobson
10 Hay Bale by William Bullard
Bubble Bedlam by Duschan Tomic
Amazing Shops 2 by Richard Lotman Brown
Spitfire by Terry Hire
Minimal Architecture by Sara Yerkes
Frost Pattern by John F. Doyle
Fragment Reference #  5 by William Morningstar
Wet Black Street in Corolla by Daniel L. English
Beached Tree by Craig Alan Huber
Drops by Jesse J. McClear
Surf Montana del Oro by Rick Chertoff
Welsh Assembly Building by Stephen Hodgetts