Pattern / Texture

Minimal Architecture by Sara Yerkes
Bubble Bedlam by Duschan Tomic
Amazing Shops 2 by Richard Lotman Brown
Spitfire by Terry Hire
Frost Pattern by John F. Doyle
Fragment Reference #  5 by William Morningstar
Wet Black Street in Corolla by Daniel L. English
Beached Tree by Craig Alan Huber
Drops by Jesse J. McClear
Welsh Assembly Building by Stephen Hodgetts
Ribbons of Ice by Elin Dolle
Elements 4 by Michael A. McCullough
Petroglyph No. 52 by Juliet Harrison
Bark 10 by Joan M. Ladendorf
10 Digital Divide by Jurgen Donatka
Pt. Lobos Tide Pool by Curt Palm
Cracked Earth 2 by KJ Byrd
Untitled #2 by Claire Yaffa
Stones in Hibernation by Duschan Tomic
Tree Line by Charles Fillhardt
Untitled 8 by Gwen Gove
Apple Stairs by Stephen Bitel
Escher's Polka Dot Lampshades by William West
Tattered Tarp # 3 by John Talbert
Sun Shadows 2 by Jeremiah Cogan
Reflections in Ice by Will Venard
Old Wood 2 Chasseral. Switzerland by Richard Tucker
Behind the Waterfall by Lynne Garell
Ice Abstract 6 by Bill Dixon
Untitled 1 by Robert Schwiebert
Edge of a Dream by Evan Powell
Ice Universe-Pimmit Run by Bill Prosser
Wolf Hotel by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Madame Curie by Irena Romovacek