Pattern / Texture

Foam Spider by Valdemar Barbosa Leitao
Corner by Richard Tucker
Colors by Andrew Nixon
Escher Roof by Ian Furlong
Barnacles by Lee Grossman
Industry by Maggie Meiners
Frozen II by Jenn Verrier
The Gritty City 6 by Steve Burkett
Curves And Arches by Barbara Bender
Orbs in a Square #7155 by Thomas Nero
In Progress  Light Architecture Beta by Silvio Balestra
Concrete Piles by Ken Sekiguchi
From Stromovka Park Series by Attila Hazay
236 by Louis Joyner
Tires Series by Germaine Williams
Belger Weave by Richard Lotman Brown
Ice Etching by Marcia S. Fowler
Exstreaming 1 by Derek Pantling
Tattered Tarp # 1 by John Talbert
Confronti Scrittura B by Silvio Balestra
Wax Dreams 2 by Johny Alives
Glass Works by Dennis Fritsche
Vertical Download 2 by Dinah Satterwhite
Kaleidoscope in Grayscale 1 by Fernando Puche
CONCEPT untitled 7 Triest Italy 2012 by Silvio Balestra
Moving With Purpose 2 by Jarrett Quinn Hlady
Concepts Point of View 10 by Silvio Balestra
Blosom by Cris Constantinescu
Lines and Ovals by Barbara Bender
Snowstorm by Terence Lyons
Mangle Tangle by William Acosta
Freight Terminal by Louis Joyner
In Progress Untitled 3 by Silvio Balestra
Dynallipse by Jurgen Dopatka