Metaphor / Abstract

Revelation by Bill Vaccaro
The Left and Right by Maribel Amor Brana Manibo
Tequa Plaza by Ron Draxler
Waters Edge#2 by Wendy Roche
Lines by Laurits Haaning
Ferns by Heather Siple
Toxic Being 2 by Jared Alechman
Dragon Power by Gerhard Clausing
Poor Ducky by Tanita Leets
Circus by Miroslav Vrzala
Torso by Ron Juliette
Vanishing Bride by Tootie Nienow
Untitled 4 by Bijan Mottahedeh
Marna Bell 06 by Marna Bell
Untitled 4 by David King
Carousel by Deborah Parkin
Harp Player by Jerry Cohen
Tunnel Wall Abstract 2 by Joe Gledhill
Dreamscapes 1 by Howard Grill
Nudi In Camera by David Spitzer
Wrong by Mindaugus Gabrenas
Conception 69 by Johnny Robb
Amsterdam 7 by Christos Markou
Two Faces by Susan B. Griffith
Undiagnosed 1 by Aidan Abernethy
Forcado Shadow by Jackson Nichols
Faceless by Gary Mitchell
Looking Back by Lee Grossman
Swabbie-San Francisco by Steve Wolowitz
Tree in the Clouds by Heather Siple
Walking in Chaos by Bob Witte
Enchanted Forest #3 by Mary Woodman
I See by Laurits Haaning
Underwater Body Abstract 9 by Lani Doely