Metaphor / Abstract

Torso by Ron Juliette
Vanishing Bride by Tootie Nienow
Untitled 4 by Bijan Mottahedeh
Marna Bell 06 by Marna Bell
Untitled 4 by David King
Carousel by Deborah Parkin
Harp Player by Jerry Cohen
Tunnel Wall Abstract 2 by Joe Gledhill
Dreamscapes 1 by Howard Grill
Nudi In Camera by David Spitzer
Wrong by Mindaugus Gabrenas
Conception 69 by Johnny Robb
Amsterdam 7 by Christos Markou
Two Faces by Susan B. Griffith
Undiagnosed 1 by Aidan Abernethy
Forcado Shadow by Jackson Nichols
Faceless by Gary Mitchell
Looking Back by Lee Grossman
Swabbie-San Francisco by Steve Wolowitz
Tree in the Clouds by Heather Siple
Walking in Chaos by Bob Witte
Enchanted Forest #3 by Mary Woodman
I See by Laurits Haaning
Underwater Body Abstract 9 by Lani Doely
Legends of Old by Paul Kiernan
Roadside Station of The Cross by Paul Morgan
Heart of Eve by Michael Skaggs
Trailer by Jose Luis Silva
Barriers by Barry Stoch
Untitled 2 by James H. Strong
Self Portait 2 by Sarah Denise Copeland
Untitled 2 by David King
Blue Valley by Heather Siple
8 Old Tricycle by Rene' Sheret