Metaphor / Abstract

Leaping Toward the Light by Prescott Moore Lassman
Choreophotograph 4 by Steve Dzerigian
I See You by Claudio Montegriffo
Kemper Sky 4A by Richard Lotman Brown
Leaving the Nest by Tootie Nienow
People at an Exhibition #2 by Marilynn Waters
Glimmer by Marjorie Kay
People at an Exhibition #8 by Marilynn Waters
Truckee with Sun by Laurits Haaning
Browns. New Hope by Tony Monaco
Abstract Compressed Garbage by Ernesto Perez
Night by Susan B. Griffith
Bloody Tears by Carla Berger
Untitled 22 by Nicholas Ossa
Edge of Light by Marlene Weinstein
Alter Ego #10 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Untitled 8 by Lubomir Atanassov
Mirage. New York City by Alexander Tkachev
Untitled 5 by Carlyle Thompson
Deep in the City by Kazimierz Salwa
Enchanted Forest #6 by Mary Woodman
Barnes and Noble #9 by Ron Draxler
Id by John Paul Davis
Only You by Claudio Montegriffo
Beach 9 by Brad Kim
Sociability by Miroslav Vrzala
Tea Time by Seyda Deligonul
Water Signature #145 by Peter-Andrew Gravina
Ephemeral #9 Evanston by Bob Tanner
Going for a Fitting by Jared Alechman
Framed by Miroslav Vrzala
Foiled Again by Michael Howard
Castle by James A. Crawford
Nestled #62 by JW Johnston