Metaphor / Abstract

Bedtime Stories by Keith MacDonald
Wheatpaste #3 by Linda Barsotti
Nefertiti Doors by Steve Dzerigian
Dream Memory 9 by Diane Silverman
Self Portrait with Dog and Two Cats by Ron Juliette
Responsbility by Jessica Somers
Dream #01 by Swee Hoe Lin
Stairway from Heaven by Paul Matte
Reds by Sylvie Pinsonneault
The Dachshundberg Family by John F. Johnson
The Illusionist by Curtis Salonick
Woods Afire by Heidi Strauss
Untitled 9 by James H. Strong
Exit by Susan Annable
Skylight by Barbara Bender
Metropolis by Len & Joan Weinstock
The Crucible by Michael Skaggs
Tunnel Wall Abstract 1 by Joe Gledhill
The Human Face Of Evil 6 by Curtis Salonick
Footsteps by Jerry Marsico
Cover Up 3 by Ye Mimi
Tilt by Julia Forrest
Jesus by Attila Hazay
Window to Our Dreams by James D. Lewis
21st Century Icon by Vladimir Kabelik
Dreamscapes 8 by Howard Grill
Chip by Susan B. Griffith
Metamorphosis by Jerry Cohen
The Park by Cesar Gomezperalta
The Invasion by Grayson Dere
Untitled 4 by Larry Hurlbut
Cosmos 3 by Noubo Iida
Gemini by Mikhail Gubin