Metaphor / Abstract

The Illusionist by Curtis Salonick
Woods Afire by Heidi Strauss
Untitled 9 by James H. Strong
Exit by Susan Annable
Skylight by Barbara Bender
Metropolis by Len & Joan Weinstock
The Crucible by Michael Skaggs
Tunnel Wall Abstract 1 by Joe Gledhill
The Human Face Of Evil 6 by Curtis Salonick
Footsteps by Jerry Marsico
Cover Up 3 by Ye Mimi
Tilt by Julia Forrest
Jesus by Attila Hazay
Window to Our Dreams by James D. Lewis
21st Century Icon by Vladimir Kabelik
Dreamscapes 8 by Howard Grill
Chip by Susan B. Griffith
Metamorphosis by Jerry Cohen
The Park by Cesar Gomezperalta
The Invasion by Grayson Dere
Untitled 4 by Larry Hurlbut
Cosmos 3 by Noubo Iida
Gemini by Mikhail Gubin
Gentlemen's Night Out by Dave S. Llint
Storyteller Series by Mary Doering
Blue Deniro by David H. Angell
Untitled 7 by James H. Strong
Ballet by Alexander Tkachev
Color Signals 2 by Nicholas Dantona
Kate 2 by Ken Ball
Adonis by Silvestre Machado
Bridge to Fantasy by Bob Witte
Water Signature #130 by Peter-Andrew Gravina