Metaphor / Abstract

Crossing Lines by Javid Kamali
The Cloud by Makoto Yanai
Occultadora by Mary Goodrich
Light From Above by Steven W. Stanger
Fragile Separation by Alexander Tkachev
Swamp Thing by Heather Siple
The Time Has Come to Lose Her Son by Pohan Wu
Dream Currents by Laurits Haaning
Walk into the Light by Susan B. Griffith
We Have a Problem by Enrico Nicolo
Happy by Jeff Sinnock
Waiting to Enter by Scott Fowler
Triple Vision by Marlene Weinstein
Mannequin and Taylor by Bob Witkowski
The Visit by Mary Phipps-Seward
Portrait by Susan B. Griffith
In the Air Tonight by Jessica Wolfe
Esbosos Fantasmales by James Padilla-Calzada
Bridgeworker by William Bullard
Detour by Jane Vickers
Untitled 2 by Krystal Lind-Reeves
Amigos by Anne Lynam
Paper Hill by Gregory Talley
Naissance by Steven W. Stanger
Belt With Figures by Laurits Haaning
Rockefeller Ice Dancer by Kathy B. Shapiro
Grill by David R. Burton
Documentarians by David H. Angell
Untitled 1 by Diane Silverman
The Realm Of Ghosts 10 by James Kueffner
The Whirling Song by Pohan Wu
Confrontation by Sylvie Pinsonneault
Captured Flights of Sadness by Troy Colby
Peaceful Dream by Jim Gabbard