Metaphor / Abstract

Umbrellas by Philip R. Terman
Untitled by Michal Sowa
Upon This Rock by Joycelyn Elaine Wilson
Misty Mountain Statue by Richard Mason
Unfinished_dreams11 by Joanna Borowiec
The Unknown Warhol by Miroslav Vrzala
Mask Of Becca by Cole Carter
6 Old Tricycle by Rene' Sheret
V-2 - Terrible Beauty by James D. Lewis
Screen Test by J. Michael Skaggs
Paper Abstract by Eric Metzler
Nox by Marina Black
morgan gary by Dr. Gary Morgan
Sand Forms by Robert Gillich
The Shot by George Durr III
Looking Jorn by Laurits Haaning
Between Freedom and Madness by Pohan Wu
Untitled 1 by Jeffrey Tamkin
Reveal by Julia Forrest
The Horizon by Benedetto James Patrizio
White House by Arnfinn Johnsen
Conversation by Bernard Werner
Lawrenceville by Martha Weintraub
Fire Island by Eric Dillenberger
Bedtime Stories by Keith MacDonald
Wheatpaste #3 by Linda Barsotti
Nefertiti Doors by Steve Dzerigian
Dream Memory 9 by Diane Silverman
Self Portrait with Dog and Two Cats by Ron Juliette
Responsbility by Jessica Somers
Dream #01 by Swee Hoe Lin
Stairway from Heaven by Paul Matte
Reds by Sylvie Pinsonneault
The Dachshundberg Family by John F. Johnson