Metaphor / Abstract

Wham Pow Splat #03 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Shroud of Desire by Robert C. Cochran
Wham Pow Splat #08 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Void by Rachel Newton
Beach 1 by Brad Kim
Untitled 4 by Silvio Balestra
Shadow Amazonia by Joycelyn Elaine Wilson
Untitled 4 by Silvio Balestra
Time Crunch by Peter Ingrasselino
Light Abstract by John Talbert
Biology Lesson by Stephanie Torbert
Anonymous Man by Rowan James
Surf Pattern by Mary Goodrich
She is Asleep by Torleif Hamre
Behind Bars by Gail Dohrmann
In a Rush by James Cingone
Divided by Sibel Aisha
MemoriaI by Edward Eakins
Merce by Jerry Cohen
Ricercare #2 by Enrico Nicolo
Old House by Youngsook Chung Zhang
Sorento by Robert S. Finkelhor
Crossing Over by Ted Anderson
Freud's Legacy by Alexander Norelli
Pipe Organ 4 by Bob Witkowski
Untitled 9 by Horacio Hernandez A.
Farnsworth Abstract by Mary Woodman
Repression 2 by Randall Boardman
Once Blinded Eyes - When the Room Becomes Water by Marina Black
View by Rachel Newton
Faces 1 by Theo Damsteegt
Marna Bell 05 by Marna Bell
Perseus Slays Medusa 04 by Barbara Warren
Emanations by John Paul Davis