Metaphor / Abstract

Screen by Izalia Concallo
Perseus Slays Medusa 03 by Barbara Warren
Raw Domains by Vinod Dave
Fractures by Carole Usdan
Trapped by Jim Gabbard
Lightning by Brandy Emerson
REAL 2 (1) by Rene Roalf Jensen
Nysa by Pohan Wu
Wham Pow Splat #11 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Blowing Linen 86 by Nancy L. Merkling
Megan 9 by Ken Ball
Full Moon Crucification by Hal Robert Myers
Organique 4 by Jared Alechman
White Mask by Carole Usdan
Husband for Scale by Mary Goodrich
Horizon by Julia Forrest
Urban Baby by Jamie Johnson
The American Anthology Series-3 by Curtis Salonick
Color Wheel by Donald Thornsburry
Kindred Spirits by Chris Thompson
All That I Can See Through the Darkness by Rosemary Brittain
The Calling by Steven Goobie
Curvature by Jonathan Spath
Untitled 7 by Joseph Ruesing
Ojo.Plaza Mayor.Madrid 2012 by Pedro Melero
SteppingOutsideOfOneself.ClevelandHeightsOH.2012 by Susan B. Griffith
Wham Pow Splat #04 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Untitled 4 by Lubomir Atanassov
The American Anthology Series-12 by Curtis Salonick
The Tag by Marina Black
Strange Angels 7 by Joseph Ruesing
He Has No Friends Of His Own by Polly Chandler
Untitled 2 by Keith Broadhurst
The Plunge by Grayson Dere