Metaphor / Abstract

Spain Rust 3 by Michael R. Stoklos
Scissor Family by Dudley Reed
Vedere #1 by Enrico Nicolo
And She Wants You To Steal And Get Caught by Polly Chandler
Untitled 2 by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Shattered View by Jeremy Beckman
Road Mark 7 by Dale Leifeste
Golden Mushrooms by Heather Siple
Potpourri 4 by Nicole Gelinas
Enchanted Forest #7 by Mary Woodman
Underwater Body Abstract 2 by Lani Doely
Bond by Jessica Somers
Untitled 7 by Lu Zhang
The Maturation of Eve 1 Childhood by Raider Schopp
Virtual Biology 4 by Malika Sgalli
REAL 2 (2) by Rene Roalf Jensen
Adam and Eve by Hugh Jones
Painter from Santiago by Domingo Batista
Alter Ego #09 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Web by Carl E. Brown
Ceiling Interpretation by Alex Hoffmaister
Moonlight by Martyn Lucas
Ana by Gary Mitchell
Man vs. Nature by Kristopher Serrano
Time Jar by Jeremy Lindstrom
Constraining an Objective Understanding by Pohan Wu
She Doesn't Like to Share His Love with Her by Gabe Sheen
Sun Streak 1 by Myra Elizabeth Elliott
Sign Abstract by George W. Seitz
Santeria #3 by Ilya Genin
Window by Alexander Tkachev
Trio #5-Dots by Joan M. Ladendorf
Bamboo Forest by Maja Georgiou