Metaphor / Abstract

The Doll Keeper by Paul Kiernan
Silent Rhapsody by Hengki Lee
Boat Hull #1 by Donald J. Schwartz
The Human Face Of Evil Artist by Curtis Salonick
Sense of Place  Triptych by Steve Dzerigian
Pre Game Meal by T. S. Alvarez
Untitled 1 by Eli Matityahu
Dreamscape by Bernice Williams
At the Cubism Works by Lee Grossman
Storyteller Series by Mary Doering
Dream Catcher by Toni Wallachy
Found Art by Tina Marie Enos
Our Falling World by Troy Colby
Untitled 13 by Patrizio Silvi Antonino
Le Gibet by Pohan Wu
Fusion - When the Room Becomes Water by Marina Black
Street Parade Fasnach 11 by Richard Tucker
Offerings by John R. Ziemba
Adrenaline by Hengki Lee
Sun Streak 2 by Myra Elizabeth Elliott
Wall Street by Christopher Bezamat
South Light #2 by Wood Dickinson
Perseus Slays Medusa 10 by Barbara Warren
Desolation by Maria Claudia Zerda
The Moon by Rowan James
Stars by Phil Wright
The Maturation of Eve 2 Boys by Raider Schopp
Emotions of Space 4 by Kelley Stapleton
Window Sill People by Michael Rontal
Untitled 7 by Robert Cocozza
Night Spirits by Phyllis Featherstone
Untitled 3 by Silvio Balestra
In my Dream by Shifra Levyathan
Untitled No.1 by Stefano Sagri