Metaphor / Abstract

Little Girl And Statue At MOMA by Richard Lynn
Face in the Rock by Gail Dohrmann
Cover Up by Miroslav Vrzala
Day Three by Tina Marie Enos
Escape by Harry Umen
Wheatpaste #7 by Linda Barsotti
Mirrored Face by Jerry Whitty
Freakness by Fred Everett
Sails by Kit Sniker
Valentine by David Wade
Illusion 1 by Martha Ketterer
Courrir apres le Temps by Remi Dussault
Releasing Self by Edward R. Sancious
Institutionalized Again by Alison Watt Jackson
Reflection 7 by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Into the Light by Virginia S. Metevia
Mask 8 by Diane Silverman
Strange Angels 3 by Joseph Ruesing
Rapid Eye Movement by Pohan Wu
C-Nebula Emerging by Heidi Strauss
Santeria #5 by Ilya Genin
Bloch Party by Richard Lotman Brown
Steps Atop Steps by Keith Jonson
Alter Ego #07 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Lost Identity 7 by Patricia Turo
Astral Separation by Zelko Nadic
Wrestling With Demons by Susan Stone
The Maturation of Eve 3 First Taste by Raider Schopp
Fear by John Bridges
Imperfection by Paul Crampton
Marna Bell 03 by Marna Bell
Peeking Through by Jan Altes
Daylight 3 by David Parquet
Accession by Angela Bacon-Kidwell