Metaphor / Abstract

Dream Catcher by Toni Wallachy
Found Art by Tina Marie Enos
Our Falling World by Troy Colby
Untitled 13 by Patrizio Silvi Antonino
Le Gibet by Pohan Wu
Fusion - When the Room Becomes Water by Marina Black
Street Parade Fasnach 11 by Richard Tucker
Offerings by John R. Ziemba
Adrenaline by Hengki Lee
Sun Streak 2 by Myra Elizabeth Elliott
Wall Street by Christopher Bezamat
South Light #2 by Wood Dickinson
Perseus Slays Medusa 10 by Barbara Warren
Desolation by Maria Claudia Zerda
The Moon by Rowan James
Stars by Phil Wright
The Maturation of Eve 2 Boys by Raider Schopp
Emotions of Space 4 by Kelley Stapleton
Window Sill People by Michael Rontal
Untitled 7 by Robert Cocozza
Night Spirits by Phyllis Featherstone
Untitled 3 by Silvio Balestra
In my Dream by Shifra Levyathan
Untitled No.1 by Stefano Sagri
Self Explanatory by Joshua Rayburn
Micro Worlds 2 by Andrew Ilachinski
Untitled 1 by Sarah Denise Copeland
Dreamscapes 6 by Howard Grill
Venus by Sarah May
Storyteller Series by Mary Doering
Rose Colored Patronizing by Laurits Haaning
Dirty Laundry 2 by Charis Kircheimer
Lucky You by Mark Uzmann
Remission by Bill Davis