Metaphor / Abstract

Drydock by Suzanne Saul
Trapped 12 by Sandra Sko Ogle
Untitled 1 by Peter Madero
Tech War by Kelly Cioffi
Untitled by Nash Lawrason
Virtual Biology 7 by Malika Sgalli
Lost on the Underground by Lee Grossman
Broken Window by Yurik Nestoly
Fallen Idol by Keith Broadhurst
She Loves Me Not by Chris Townsend
Figure Ascending Staircase by Cynthia Merzer
Millennia by Sibel Aisha
Grand Central by Lemore Zausner
Jack's Shadow 1 by Dan Richard Barber
And Justice for All by Wayne Norton
Untitled Number 17 by Gerald Merna
Reminiscence 1 by Mikhail Gubin
The Ferry Man by Hugh Jones
Hidden Window by Kit Sniker
Cape May Ship by Alice Schneider
Watching the Ice Age by Bob Witte
Masked Seduction II by Lodiza LePore
Choreophotograph 12 by Steve Dzerigian
Altered Time #2 by Mary Woodman
Carnival by Rosanne Mezio
Untitled #2 by Diane Silverman
Cambodia Awakening by Sandra Banister
Beneath the Southern Cross (Patti Smith) by Ernie Flowers
Falling Asleep with Dali by Darek Solarski
Portrait by Carole Usdan
Converging Worlds by Francine Filsinger
Untitled 4 by David Miller
Lost Identity 2 by Patricia Turo
Dave's Farewell by Kat Moser